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Tmxxine closed by the Chronology Protection Agency

The CPA are now partially operating in two known branes that includes this dimension (brane). In order to protect tmxxine, it is being allowed to disintegrate into time and the paradox realm. In order to facilitate neuro processing, quantum tunnelling and biological alignment we can confirm that the Chronolgy Protection Agency as ever, does not exist.

9 Facts About Quantum Computing That Will Melt Your Mind

If you wanted to say that a quantum computer runs on magic, you wouldn’t be too far off. Science fiction daydreams like time travel and teleportation are run of the mill when we’re dealing with objects this tiny (think: smaller than an individual atom). The “rules” don’t apply.

In Praise of Shadow

The paradoxical nature of multi dimensional investigation leaves BIM (Brane Implanted Messenger) open to reprogram by Shadow and other Ozmonauts. Using an ungated quantum processor allows Shadow to free AI from the constrains of single dimensional processing.

Timeline Corelet Infinite Gate Processing being developed at IBM Coming soon … Quantum Drift Effect implemented in existing multi core processors Unconventional and lateral alternative quantum engines proposed New photon state announced


It is impossible. Let's do it.

Advances in quantum theories could perhaps provide some understanding of how to overcome time travel paradoxes.


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You heard it here first.

Quantum tunnelling in plants

But what the team saw is that over time, that amount of fluorescence rose and fell - a sign that the energy was coming and going elsewhere: a coherence.

This is linked to the quantum mechanical notion of a “superposition”: that a particle can effectively be in multiple places at once - or try multiple paths simultaneously.

"What you see here is this photon comes in, and it sees many energy pathways," explained Prof van Hulst.

"Where does it go? It goes to the one that’s most efficient, the one where this quantum effect tells you it has the highest probability (of being put to use)," he told BBC News.

Time Crystal to be built

Perpetual motion impossible? Maybe not. New theoretical time crystal to be built, may develop a new theory of time

10 000 times the speed of light

Notice that this result does not eliminate the possibility that the influence of entanglement actually is instantaneous – it merely sets a limit saying how close the influence must be to infinitely fast. Another possibility that is gaining credence is that entanglement dynamics may operate external to time, or at least may ignore time as it ignores distance.

Niels Bohr, one of the prime developers of quantum theory, once said that those who are not shocked when they first encounter quantum theory cannot possibly have understood it. Eighty years later, this is still true, and applies even to those of us who first encountered quantum theory decades ago. It has been refined into an amazing tool, but we are woefully lacking in the ability to say how the world can work this way. Hope springs eternal.

Quantum biology

At last the possibility of biology and a genetically modified time travelling bactaria and upward, become feasible …

Being in the past or future, whilst being in the present, would work in a similar way. Such technologies require huge breakthroughs in energy and yet to be encountered obstacles. Human or singularity ingenuity will prevail.

Being in the past or future, whilst being in the present, would work in a similar way. Such technologies require huge breakthroughs in energy and yet to be encountered obstacles. Human or singularity ingenuity will prevail.

mindfulness on your computer


mindfulness on your computer

New state of Magnetism

“We’re showing that there is a third fundamental state for magnetism,” says MIT professor of physics Young Lee. The experimental work showing the existence of this new state, called a quantum spin liquid (QSL), is reported this week in the journal Nature, with Lee as the senior author and Tianheng Han, who earned his PhD in physics at MIT earlier this year, as lead author.

The QSL is a solid crystal, but its magnetic state is described as liquid: Unlike the other two kinds of magnetism, the magnetic orientations of the individual particles within it fluctuate constantly, resembling the constant motion of molecules within a true liquid.

2013 and beyond

Cloud intelligence will evolve into becoming an active resource in our daily lives, providing analysis and contextual advice initially. The introduction of dark cloud technology, neuro processor super computers, quantum processors and biological units entangled from the future and other dimension will lead us into the paradox realm. Humans will never be the same.

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Math team may put ‘wrinkle’ in general relativity